My Top 10 Favourite Perth Outdoor Adventures

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One of the visions I have with Gracelands, is to inspire us ladies to get out more and step away from technology that seems to have taken over our lives. I want to inspire girls to get together and do whatever is good for your soul & your mind. Get amongst nature, go chasing waterfalls (despite what TLC tells us to do) and just do fun shit.

Here are a list of my favourite spots to visit in Perth. Organise a trip with the girls, your fur babies or your lover & get amongst it all.


Lesmurdie Falls

Distance from Perth: 29km

My all time favourite place to visit during wildflower season. Lesmurdie is a raging waterfall whenever Perth gets some decent rain and is probably my favourite waterfall in Perth. To get to this spot, just google map search ‘Lesmurdie Falls National Park’. This route took us to one of the carparks that is further away from the fall.

Instead of heading straight down the creek to the waterfall, we decided to walk upstream and followed a walking trail which took us through some incredible scenes. It is wildflower season so this place is just an abundance of colour! It’s bloody spectacular if I say so myself. 

After you’ve done the trail, head downstream towards the waterfall. The first stop you’ll make is at the top of the waterfall where you’ll also get some epic city views! The trail then takes you down and away from the falls but then comes back around to the bottom. 

The walk is fun & I’d say at a moderate level. Its not too hard. 

Once you reach the bottom, that’s where the magic is. This place is like something from a movie. If it’s hot enough or even if it isn’t… take a dip under the falls. The water is refreshing. You will probably want to cool down for your journey back up anyway!

Afterwards, grab some brunch in the hills. Theres so many cute cafes nearby. Take your take at Lesmurdie. This one is for the adventurous!

Lesmurdie Falls 


Bells Rapids & Surrounds

Distance from Perth: 36km

This is definitely one for the adventurers. There is SO much to do here that I have returned so many times. I would highly recommend not coming here during school holidays or on the weekends. It’s super busy. This place is visually pleasing during winter-spring months after heavy rains.

To get here is really easy. Google map ‘Bells Rapids’ and it will bring you straight to the car park. Walk up over the bridge and to your left. I like to do the loop that takes you along the creek and then up a hill. This is a moderate to difficult walk depending on your fitness level. 

If you reach the very top of the mountains and look north-east you may be lucky enough to spot a hard-to-access waterfall in the hills. This waterfall is a definite hidden gem. Completing the loop hike will bring you back to the bridge.

If you want to access the waterfall, you’ll want to start fresh at the carpark. Instead of walking left to cross the bridge, you’ll need to walk down the dirt road that is blocked off by a little gate that you can walk around. This will lead you to some train tracks (PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS of the trains passing)

Once you venture over the tracks, only 100m just as the road starts to bend, you’ll notice the creek. Follow the creek UP the stream. The walk is moderate level. You’ll come across a few little watering holes, lots of palm trees & tonnes of little falls throughout. You’ll know you’ve made it once you get to the tree with the swing! 

If the falls are flowing enough, take a rinse underneath. This is the perfect place to cool down once you’ve reached the top! Enjoy.

Bells Rapids & Surrounds 


Rocky Pools, Piesse Brook

Distance from Perth: 36km

I really love this place so much. We were inspired to come here through another travellers photos only to be super disappointed to find nothing but sticks and stones at the end! We made the mistake of coming here during the summer time so be warned, this spot is absolutely BONE DRY for most of the year actually so this place is best after heavy rains during later winter-spring. 

To get here you need to search ‘Rocky Pool Walk’ into google maps. Make sure it takes you through to Schipp Road. I drive down as far at the road will allow and then park!

There is literally just one track to follow down and this will take you to Rocky Pool. The walk can take from as little as 28mins depending on your fitness level. It’s a easy to moderate walk. 

The stream is flowing after heavy rains and the walking trail runs along side the creek. During the spring time, this place is really lush green & the mini waterfalls here are epic. Have a swim and hang out. This is a great spot to chill out and enjoy the serenity.

Rocky Pools


Bold Park

Distance from Perth: 11km

This one is a perfect sunrise spot especially because it’s so close-by! Its your serenity in the suburbs.

If you’re an early bird like me, this one is the perfect spot. ‘Rebuild Hill’ in google maps will take you to the carpark. As your driving in, you’ll see the metal walk way to your left hand side. Walk up this to the top where you’ll reach a stunning viewpoint. You’ll be met with 360 degree views of Perth and you’ll probably have this spot all to yourself. Watch the sunrise here and then head back down.

There are endless trails to do here that are dog-friendly so don’t forget to take your fur babies along with you on this one. This place is best seen during wildflower season where there is a large abundance of colour. It is really pretty and lush. We happened to walk through here on a super foggy morning where walking through, seemed like a scene from a horror movie, minus the serial killer waiting for us in the bushes. Very cool no-doubt. 

Reabold Hill


Noble Falls

Distance from Perth: 48km

We found this gem simply driving past. Noble Falls is a great spot for pretty much anyone to visit as it requires no hiking. Put ‘Noble Falls Restaurant’ into your maps and the falls are on the other side of the road. You can see the falls from the carpark so basically no explanation needed. 

We happened to visit during heavy rains so there was so much water! There isn’t really a hike here but we did go for a stroll down the creek past the falls. It is super luscious here during spring.

If you don’t want to make the trip out here just for the falls, make a day trip out of it and head towards Toodyay. We had a lovely lunch in town and then explored the endless canola fields all around the area. This is seasonal but my goodness, the yellow canola stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Noble Falls


A few others that are worth a mention:


John Oldham Park - A hidden gem within the concrete jungle. This park is right across the road to health freak cafe at the bottom of Jacobs Ladder. Walk through this park to the lush waterfall that trickles into the pond. Although man-made, this is definitely a serene slice of heaven amongst the hustle and bustle of Perth City

John Oldham Park 

Photo Courtesy of @robbiegoodallphotography


Araluen Botanical Park - As the name suggests, this botanical park has an abundance of beautiful, colourful flowers. This park is so well-kept and is perfect for a stroll and picnic. Little creeks run through here and there is so much lush greenery. 

Do this one with Serpy Falls, They’re pretty close by to one another.

Matilda Bay Reserve - I really like the riverside walk along Matilda Bay Reserve. On a calm morning, the water looks like glass. I like coming here super early in the morning. I take my yoga mat &  have a stretch with my coffee. There is also a cute cafe nearby if you’re feeling a little peckish!

Matilda Bay Reserve

Serpentine Falls - An old fave. No dogs are allowed here as its a national park. Although this isn’t really a hike, I have ventured behind the falls before and walked up the creek. Its a pretty interesting walk. Very slippery but lots to see up there, so if you’ve been to Serpy before, venture on past the falls

Ellis Brook Valley - Good walk with great views. Although I’ve only visited this place when its dry, I’ve heard that theres a little waterfall along the walk after heavy rains. This walk takes you up past a few good viewpoints and through to the quarry. Its a nice view from up top 

 Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

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