Gracelands is a swimwear label that is both designed & made in Perth, Western Australia.


Gracelands Swimwear was created for a confident, colourful woman that loves adventure & is always looking to expand her horizons!

Gracelands prides itself on being a one-woman-show and completely Australian-made. All of the garments are designed and created in a little Perth studio and made with a hell-lot of love and pride!

Nisa Grace - Designer & Seamtress

A person once asked me where and when I felt the most creative? 

The answer to that is, when I travel. When I see the world. When I experience culture. When I physically stand in places I never knew existed. 

The colours, the people, the food, the fashion, the architecture, the scenic views. This is when I feel most self and most alive. This is when I feel a spark of creativity that wants to take every experience and put it into a garment that I create. I want you to feel that too!